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Terms Of Service

Plant Replacement Warranty  (If applicable) Michael’s Lawn Service LLC. will replace once, any tree(s)/shrub(s) provided by us, if found to be dead during six (6) months from the day of planting, for sod 14 (fourteen) days from installation, provided the tree(s)/shrub(s)/sod have been sufficiently watered, properly cared for and provided payment has been made as arranged. Any plant that is requested to be warranted must be examined by a Michael’s Lawn Service LLC representative prior to being removed from the ground. Michael’s Lawn Service will not warranty any plant removed from the ground prior to inspection. This warranty excludes fatalities resulting from exposure to drought conditions, tornadoes, high winds, abnormal winters, under-watering or over-watering, overly wet ground conditions, animal damage, insect damage, lightning strikes, over-fertilizing, over-pruning, vandalism or other injurious acts by the property owner, an agent of the property owner or third party service. Michael’s Lawn Service LLC reserves the right to perform hydrometer (the measurement of water in the soil) and soil fertilizer content checks of the tree(s)/shrub(s)/sod at your property during the warranty period. If the test results register below mid-range for the viability of these tree(s)/shrub(s)/sod, the warranty may be void. In case of dispute, a certified arborist will examine the tree(s)/shrub(s)/sod and determine the cause of death. Replacement tree(s)/shrub(s) will always be chosen by Michael’s Lawn Service LLC and if a tree(s)/shrub(s) at the size originally planted is not available, then a smaller tree(s)/shrub(s) may be substituted. Cash refunds will not be given. In no case shall Michael’s Lawn Service LLC be responsible for more than the amount originally paid for the merchandise. In no case shall the warranty be transferable. Items NOT included under warranty:  Annuals, seed, bulbs, and transplanted plants

MLS Return/Exchange Policy (If applicable)No Returns or Exchanges on landscape material, mulch, gravel, soil, compost, plants, annuals, perennials, sod, seed, river rock, boulders, and natural stone, All Sales Final. All earth mined material/natural material, mulch, and hardscapes products vary in characteristics that often change. Any product that has been opened or used cannot be taken back under any circumstances. Special Ordered products cannot be returned. Plants removed from containers cannot be returned under any circumstances. In the event you have a returnable product that you wish to exchange, the 30% restocking fee and delivery will also apply.

Terms and conditions: Plants on your landscape design plan might change due to availability. Sizes, color, and quantity might change depending on availability. Irrigation heads need to be marked. We can flag your irrigation at an additional cost. We are not responsible for any damage to the irrigation, buried wires, or other underground obstacles. Crews may encounter hidden conditions, i.e., buried rock, construction debris, etc.,  which could not be reasonably anticipated ahead of time.  A change order will be issued to cover any added expense of the hidden condition. If this occurs we are not responsible for any damage to unmarked utilities or structures. Miss Utility will be called to mark any underground utilities before we dig.  It is the customer's responsibility to mark all private utilities not marked by Miss Utility such as dog fences, lighting, irrigation lines and heads, drain lines, etc.  Michael's Lawn Service will not be held responsible for damage to unmarked private utilities.  We will not relocate public or private utilities. Material pricing is subject to change anytime prior to the on-site work beginning. This is not common, however,  due to unprecedented market conditions, if the price of material changes prior to the work starting then the agreed-upon price could change. Any price changes will be agreed to before any work is started.

Servicing the Vienna VA, Oakton VA and Dunn Loring VA areas including zip codes 22180, 22181, 22182 , 22027 and 22124

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